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2000s—years of gradual improvement

It was from November 2001 that Denbighshire altered the Ruthin to Mold service by amalgamating the B37 into the B5. This resulted in more journeys between Ruthin and Mold, some direct, some via Llanarmon and others via Llanarmon and the other villages. All were operated by GHA Coaches, till July 2016. Initially, all three variants were numbered B5 (or simply “5” as shown on some buses) and, to avoid confusion, in June 2006, those direct via the A494 became 1A and later X1; those just via Llanarmon became 1; and others via Llanarmon, Graianrhyd, Eryrys and Maeshafn were given service number 2. By now, apart from at school times, Mercedes minibuses had become the norm on the Ruthin to Mold service. These seated between 25 and 33. The last double decks had been withdrawn by 2007, after which GHA then used a high- capacity single deck for a while on school journeys. Also in November 2001, GHA was able to link Ruthin - Mold with its separate 41 Mold - Treuddyn - Chesters, so that Chester passengers from Ruthin need no longer change buses at Mold. The journey time from Mold to Chester was, however, almost 90 minutes. The following summer, this was advertised as the “LoggerheadsLink”. In January 2003, the service was supplemented on Wednesdays and Saturdays with one return journey from Mold to Llanferres only. This element was initially operated by GHA Coaches but thereafter by Townlynx of Greenfield, near Holywell. Meanwhile, between May 2003 and 2005, GHA accepted up to two bicycles in a pen within its Ruthin to Mold buses. By then, outside school times, the bus service tended to be operated progressively by low floor accessible buses without steps. This especially benefited passengers with shopping, luggage and parents with buggies. In 2009, Denbighshire made further improvements to the Ruthin to Mold service and, in the following year, two return through journeys operated as X1 between Ruthin, Mold and Chester, with an end-to-end journey time of just 60 minutes, saving about 30 minutes on the previous journey. These also operated via Broughton Retail Park. Passenger numbers on these journeys have consistently been higher than any other on the corridor (except journeys carrying school learners). In March 2012, all 1As between Ruthin and Mold direct also became X1. GHA ceased trading after last operation on July 13th 2016. Stagecoach stepped in for a few days and there followed a brief period when Townlynx operated the service. The Townlynx name derived from latter day Crosville operations. From July 25th, 2016, Stagecoach of Chester took over. Stagecoach’s Chester business was a successor to the former Crosville company and Stagecoach operated Optare Solo low floor buses.
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X319 CBT, a former Optare Solo M850 low floor 30-seat demonstrator which then passed to GHA in LoggerheadsLink livery at the launch of the through Ruthin - Mold - Treuddyn - Chester service
TIL 8034 on service (B)5, in the first of two Vale Rider liveries, seen in 2003
Townlynx at Llanarmon
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                 Seen at  Llanarmon in July 2016   is this Stagecoach Optare Solo
An example of a minibus that regularly appeared on the Ruthin- Mold services. New in 1996, N2 GHA was one of the first brand new vehicles purchased by GHA and often used on the Ruthin - Mold corridor till accessible buses took over from 2001
A Volvo B10M-55 with Alexander PS 48-seat body used often by GHA on the service