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2019 marks the centenary of the bus service                 between Ruthin and Mold This was Crosville’s first major motor bus service operating into Denbighshire and its farthest west at that time Here, we celebrate the service & its changes over the years This website illustrates the history and development of the service, how it served the villages between Ruthin and Mold and how the service extended to the larger centres of Chester and Birkenhead You can navigate this story page by page or if you are interested in particular aspects you can choose to visit the relevant page from this list of contents:
Researched and written by Peter Daniels and Ron Hughes Acknowledgements for assistance or photographs: John Carroll, Steve Conway, Denbighshire Archive Service, Flintshire Record Office, Richard Glaister, Dennis Kerrison, Roy Marshall, Don McKeown, Tony Moyes, Keith Newton, Ryan Owens, Noel Reed, Gerard Rhodes, David Rowe,          Sid Smith, Peter Thorley and John Young With the support of The Bus Archive
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